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Entendendo EstatГ­sticas Hud Poker Cut Scene: 盃交渉 - Toast Negotiations: Video

Poker HUD Introduction

In my 6max workbook you will find lots of Cash Wash Chat — so many that I needed to create an entire glossary dedicated to them. MrMcPikey 11 October. Posted by BlackRain A HUD is a very helpful tool that is unique Cs Skin Gambling online poker that helps us visualize real-time data about our opponents. This is also useful when I flop big hands.

Fast alle Idin seit vielen Entendendo EstatГ­sticas Hud Poker am Markt aktiv, doch Entendendo EstatГ­sticas Hud Poker Meinungen der. -

Gibt er viele Gewinne oder Freispiele heraus, ob Sie lieber einen Casino. The best poker HUD stats to have are VPIP, PFR, AF, 3Bet% and ATS. There are many more useful preflop and postflop stats to have such as 4Bet% and flop, turn and river CBet. However these are the 5 best poker HUD stats to have on your table. Now the next thing you probably want to know are what are the best numbers for all of these poker HUD stats. Easy, lightweight and free poker HUD. Use our free poker HUD to read your opponents and increase your profits. Supports PokerStars and Poker. % free!. HUDs (Heads-Up Displays) are one of the most popular tools online poker players use to gain an edge. Here's how to read your opponents' stats correctly. % Up To $ or $ tickets. A HUD is a very helpful tool that is unique to online poker that helps us visualize real-time data about our opponents. Poker is a game of information, and the more we have, the better we should be able to play. So setting up your poker HUD, using the best stats, and gleaning the correct information can give you a huge advantage. Poker HUD Stats Glossary & Meanings January 11, Full Ring Tables, Online Poker, Poker Articles, Six Max Poker Comments off Views 1 Your poker HUD is an amazing tool – but with so many stats to choose from (and even more available in the popup) they can become quite confusing. 20/2/ · neocai Este es un pequeño tutorial sobre como se configuran las partes mas escenciales del HUD del Poker Tracker 4, no pretende ser muy detallado ya que va enfocado a los que recién se inician con éste programa. Para otras configuraciones mas avanzadas, las podemos ir debatiendo/explicando en éste mismo hilo. Lo primero que debemos hacer es ir a Hud -> Edit Hud . Realizan cálculos porcentuales sobre nuestro juego y las manos de los rivales. Además, incluyen los Heads-Up Display o HUD que calculan las estadísticas y nos ayudan a detectar el comportamiento de nuestros rivales y los informes que nos permiten analizar nuestra estrategia en todas las manos ya jugadas. Software de análisis. La nota de hoy es un poco más técnica que lo que vengo escribiendo últimamente pero es que he hecho uno de esos descubrimientos que te tienen obsesionado todo el fin de semana, y que creo puede ser de lo más útil para la comunidad de jugadores de póquer.

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Un abrazo y muchas gracias. E a segunda, a resposta oficial do PokerStars para o Pablo; Hola, Gracias por su email.

Beijos galera! PRA CIMA DELES! Curtir isso: Curtir Carregando Alessandro Kny alekny disse:. Emerson Rocha disse:. Rangel Pontes Miranda disse:.

Lucas Bonino Silva disse:. Will Martins disse:. Ricardo disse:. Ranieri disse:. Conclusiones Observando la tabla, parece claro que no hacer esto lo suficientemente es un gran fallo en nuestro juego.

Si lo haces demasiado poco a menudo es demasiado sencillo ponerte en un rango muy tight y tirar todas las manos que no van por delante de ti.

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Senior Yakuza [At a prone Nakajima] Still have a problem with us now, you drunken fool!? Ha ha ha! Kiryuu walks up in to the scene.

Senior Yakuza Huh!? Kiryuu Low ranking members who attack respectable men I guess the Yamagasa family didn't teach you right.

Senior Yakuza What did you say? Who the fuck are you? Kiryuu Huh! So you don't know who I am? Senior Yakuza How the hell are we supposed to know?

Kiryuu I see, that makes me feel a lot better. Right, bring it. Senior Yakuza Don't you understand what you are playing at?

We're already pissed off as it is. We're gonna take all our frustrations out on you! Time to die! Kiryuu apologises to a manager at Club Olivier.

Kiryuu I'm sorry for all the trouble. Manager No, I'm the one who should be apologising. I shouldn't really be saying this but, I'm glad you taught those Yamagasa members a lesson.

I don't think we'll be seeing them round here again. Kiryuu OK. Nakajima regains consciousness. Nakajima Uh!? What happened to those guys? Kiryuu What are you saying?

You took them down remember? Nakajima What? Kiryuu [To the Manager] We'll be heading off now. Outside the club, Nakajima bids Kiryuu farewell.

X to Cancel Rage Mode. He can enter a few establishments. If Kiryuu chooses to go out, then when he comes back he can interact with the bed to repeat this menu.

Daigo I intend to keep walking down this road the best I can Fourth Chairman. The sound of the door to Kiryuu's apartment opens and shuts. Female voice I'm home.

Female voice For goodeness sake, you left the kettle boiling. Mayumi I'm home. Kiryuu Yes, welcome home.

Kiryuu Mayumi Mayumi We've been together for half a yeat now and never done this. It's OK to do it once a while.

Kiryuu Who are you working for? The other day when I was drinking with Nakajima in the club, someone in the Toujou Clan knew about it.

Those two guys from the Yamagasa family were there, as were several other girls and staff, but there was noone who knew who I am. It's you isn't it?

You're the one giving the Toujou Clan updates on what I'm doing! Kiryuu goes to leave the apartment but Mayumi calls after him.

Mayumi Wait! There's someone I want you to meet Kiryuu Kazuma. Mayumi I've brought him. Mayumi leads Kiryuu into the hospital room Kiryuu It's you Madarame of the Yamagasa Family.

Assisted Cut Scene Motorway. Madarame and Daigo are in a car. Madarame Doujima has not been abducted, he hid himself Kiryuu Why did he have to hide?

Madarame Due to being targeted for assasination, he had no other options. When he disappeared after his meeting with me, everyone thought the Yamagasa family was behind it.

Doujima took advantage of the situation to sneak out of town. Kiryuu So Daigo is in Toukyou? Madarame No, he said there was something he had to find out before returning to Toukyou.

To do that he needed to disappear for a while. Kiryuu He has to find out something? You mean who the traitor is?

Madarame Judging from the situation that day, I'm sure Doujima already suspected Aoyama. Which basically means Kiryuu The real traitor is someone else?

Mayumi Are you okay? Madarame Kiryuu, there is something for which I must apologise The one who made this woman get close to you and leak information about you back to the Toujou Clan, was me.

Kiryuu It was you? Madarame Doujima asked me to. He wanted to watch over you so that you can continue living here while concealing your identity.

Kiryuu Daigo did? Madarame It seems Chairman Doujima got hold of information that you are here in Fukuoka.

He also knew that you were concealing your identity, so he went out of his way to come down here to see me and bow his head, that you may live a peaceful life here and not get mixed up in any trouble.

Kiryuu He did that? Madarame The man standing at the top of Kantou's greatest organisation would bow his head to the much smaller Yamagasa Family. I'm sure you understand how far he's willing to go.

Thereafter, I did what Doujima asked of me and reported back to the Toujou Clan all the information I got from Mayumi. Kiryuu What's your relation with Mayumi?

Madarame We're family. Mayumi is my daughter. Kiryuu She's your daughter? Madarame The information about you being in Fukuoka is extremely top secret.

We told only the most trustworthy people. This is why I entrusted my own daughter Mayumi to be the one to watch over you. Ho, ho!

However, had I known what kind of person Kazuma Kiryuu is from the start, I would not have sent my own daughter to get close to you.

Kiryuu Why? Madarame Because I would have known she would fall in love with you. Mayumi turns away from Kiryuu in embarassment. Madarame I'm a parent, I don't want to see my daughter suffer through unrequited love.

Madarame Kiryuusan, take this. Kiryuu What's this? Madarame The Yamagasa Family disbandment declaration. Would you please hand this over to the police?

Why are you dissolving? Madarame We've grown too big, it's no longer possible to support everyone in such a small territory.

The Yamagasa were originally a small organisation, but I brought in too many members. Now that such a critical situation has transpired on a group the size of the Toujou Clan, all I can do is try and ensure my men can carry on in this world.

Kiryuu Madarame Madarame If we disband then we will no longer be yakuza. If we surrender our territory, the Toujou Clan and Omi Alliance will have no reason to go after my men.

This is my best option. Kiryuu If you are prepared to disband the group, isn't it your duty to explain this to your men personally?

Madarame As soon as a man from Kyuushuu loses his temper, no matter what I tell them, they won't listen and will try and fight the Toujou Clan.

Having the police handle things quickly is the best option. If we disband, the group will essentially fall under the control of the police.

Neither the Toujou Clan or Omi Alliance could touch them. Kiryuu But why me? Madarame At first I thought my men deserved an explanation, but now I'm in this condition I cannot even have a discussion with them without a war breaking out with the Toujou Clan.

Besides, if you show Yahata the disbandment notice, I don't think even you could stop him from declaring war with the Toujou.

Kiryuu That guy? Madarame You fought with him last night. He is not good with figures. He is a man who fights with someone once to understand what kind of person they are.

Well, you could say he's a blessing in disguise. I wish the two of you could have fought before things came to this.

I realise this is a selfish request, but it is the request of an old fool. Won't you grant my wish?

Mayumi Kiryuusan I will spend the rest of my life making up for deceiving you. So how about it? Won't you grant my father's request? I am not the great man you think I am.

Mayumi Eh?! Kiryuu Me, your father and Aoyama all have the same roots However, although yakuza will always be yakuza, we are not all the same.

I am not a great man, but I am not bad enough to ignore a man's request. Mayumi Ah Kiryuu Let me keep hold of this.

Kiryuu holds the letter out in front of him for emphasis. Madarame Eh!? Kiryuu I don't mind taking care of that poorly raised kid.

If you really want to leave this with me then let me take care of things my way, no questions asked. Madarame Kiryuusan Kiryuu I was never alone, after all.

I couldn't be alone. Regardless of the reason, I had a great woman keeping me company. I am grateful.

I will not allow Aoyama to do as he pleases, I can promise you that much. So then Kiryuu leaves the room. Madarame I'm sorry Mayumi.

It wouldn't hurt to chase after him. If you do so, I will be able to accept my fate. Madarame Mayumi Mayumi Don't say any more.

You're going to pull through. There is no story marker available. Kiryuu needs to interact with them X to intiate the assisted cut scene.

Kiryuu needs to interact with him X to intiate the assisted cut scene. The Lookout swears and then rings someone about it presumably Yahata. He needs to go up to 2F.

Battle Mode Kiryuu is dragged into a room with about 8 of Yahata's men Battle Mode To the north of 2F is another group of 5 men When Kiryuu goes through the gap in the wall a QTE occurs with a man with a sledgehammer.

Tips on EX-HARD: Kicks and Throws. Go up to 3F. Battle Mode Go up to 4F. Battle Mode Kick through the door. Battle Mode When Kiryuu goes to beat the final man he falls over knocking over a heater.

He looks over to a door and runs over to it. Whilst fleeing he knocks over a cannister of gas which moves towards a heater and sets alight. An extinguisher falls near Kiryuu's feet.

A Hint! When Kiryuu enters the room 3 of Yahata's men enter behind him with fire extinguishers. Yahata Goon 1 It's you! From yesterday. Three of them pull out pieces.

Yahata That's enough! Yahata Goon 1 But boss, this guy Yahata I said that's enough! Yahata What do you want? Yahata What's this?

Kiryuu Madarame gave it to me. It's the Yamagasa Family disbandment declaration. Yahata gingerly takes the letter and reads it.

Yahata Ha! I see. So this is what he decided to do? Kiryuu He wants to avoid a fight between you guys and the Toujou Clan.

So he wrote that and gave it to me. Is that so? Yahata gives the letter back to Kiryuu. Kiryuu So, you're not going to tear it up? Yahata We only came into this world to carry Madarame on our shoulders.

We don't care what becomes of the Yamagasa Family itself. We will avenge the boss. That's all we can do now. Kiryuu And you think the enemy is standing right before your eyes?

Even I'm not that stupid. It was Aoyama from the Toujou Clan who attacked Madarame. I realised that when the headquarters got blown up.

You're not the kind of guy who would use such underhanded methods. Kiryuu So even is it means the end of the Yamagasa Family, you're saying you'll still get revenge on Aoyama?

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